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The Awkward Introduction by Wolfman

When we make changes in our lives that stimulate fear and uncertainty, a tendency to recoil and fall back into the familiar can happen. It prevents us from growing and from facing adversity. This can stop any kind of growth. I have learned that through my life that the most monumental changes begin with a single step. It is awkward, it felt like my clothes were to tight and my shoes to small. Everything was different and everything felt threatening. When I challenged myself to push forward and make real significant change, my life became substantially better. This piece looks at that moment, the awkward introduction. This NFT includes physical original painting. Shipping not included Acrylic on Canvas 34" x 48"

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  • Created : 2022-04-29 07:42:36
  • Collection : Stace Dewolf
  • Category :Art


7.5 BNB


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