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Eggman by Kota Yamaji

These artworks were the parts of my series FAKE FACE whose concept is to replace head of human with other objects. As a head is replaced with others, we feel strange because we think it is normal that a head is on top of human body. Then its existence will be obscured. A something in my artworks looks like a human but it might not be a human. I tried to avoid the clarity of their existence by replacing their head. Kota Yamaji is a Japanese digital artist based in Tokyo. He graduated from Tama Art University where he received a bachelor of graphic design in 2015. Fascinated by computer graphics and video editing, Kota creates his own pop and surreal world. His concept is all about playing with different objects and characters, using strong colors and repeating patterns, that create linear structures and ergonomic spaces. These characteristics of his works are strongly affected by Japanese culture and neon lights.

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  • Created : 2022-04-28 12:23:59
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