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Under the moon by Tim Baym

Everyone has fallen down because of love at some point of life, and also rose up back because of this essential feeling. A Man is stabbed with a Love-Pike, and he is falling down in the darkness. Above him is a half-moon. In the religion of ancient people, the half-moon was a symbol of virgin pureness. If the horns of half-moon are looking up, then it presages nice weather with clear sky. The face of the man is not shown here, and this is done on purpose — Love is something internal, that does not depend on your face/skin color/hair style/body shape. It is something that helps you build yourself. He is not guilty of his feelings and you can see a metaphorical circle around his head, which is usually used to paint Saints. He is Saint because of his love, because of his feelings that he was not afraid to live through.

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